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Piwne Mosty now available in English!

Hi there!

So, we've finally launched our website in English. No more will you need to be using that, let's face it, kinda low-grade auto-translator tool which not only made a lot of the stuff sound funny, but also made the website work much slower.

Now, thing is, we wanted to give you the English version of the site as soon as possible, so not everything might be fully translated at this moment. Sorry - but we're sure you'll understand.

At this point, consider the Piwne Mosty in English a kind of a "very late beta version". Something like Baldur's Gate 3 at the moment (though we're planning on finishing everything much, much faster).

Like, we're sure some 98% of the stuff is, including all that's really important: all the steps of the ordering process, transaction e-mails, terms and regulations, product parameters and cathegories and most of the other stuff. Some products migh not have their descriptions translated into English just yet (working on it!), just like some of our BLOG posts and other stuff like that. It might also happen that we've missed some less important block of text here or there. Also, sorry for any possible typos (duh...) or situations, where we missed some obvious (and hopefully funny) mistake made by the auto-translation tool we've used to make our job faster.

Yeah, we'll be honest with you - there were only two of us working on the site in English, and doing that aside of our normal duties, so we're sure you'll get it. Also... wanna help out? 

Really, help will be much appreciated!

If you find a mistake on the site - be it a typo, some weird auto-translated sentence, or stuff we missed in translation - let us know! Write to us at bok@piwnemosty.pl with a screencap/link, and we'll get it fixed as soon as possible, and send you a small discout code for your trouble, too. So, a win-win!

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