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How to sample a beer?

So we have already chosen the type of beer and we even have a glassware to match it. Now we can fully enjoy the tasting part. And so that you do not miss a thing we divided the process into three parts, so let's go along:

1) Firts taste
Take a first sip, this is your first impression of a beer. What are the dominant flavors you can pick up? Your first associations? This is a wholy personal experience so let your imagination wander as you taste and examine your kraft beer.

2) Main taste
This sip should be a mouthful, keep it for a bit so the whole aroma could be spread inside your mouth and reach each and every taste bud. This way the whole palette of sensory input can be sensed, the taste, texture, essence and finnaly level of beer carbonation: smal, medium or high.

3) Aftertaste

Finally a small sip to see what impressions are lasting after. What stays with you? Bitterness? That little sting from hop? Or maybe smoked or citrus notes?

Before you taste another beer just make sure to wash down the previous one with some water. This way you can fully enjoy your new sampling to it's fullest and fresh from the start. And remember- with different types and styles of beer proper order of serving is crucial. Start with more mellow ones, with lesser alcohol and extract content to slowly rise the bar with stronger and more substantial beers. This way you don't need to worry about flatting the taste and aroma of other samplings.

Keep a watchfull eye for we are preparing lots of useful tips and tricks tied to beer lore from all around the world!

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